Thursday, 22 January 2015

World Wheelchair!

A father and Having a disabled daughter have travelled the country with the help of an off-road wheelchair and ‘can do’ attitude.


Having a disabled daughter, Stephan Couture quickly learnt that a normal children’s wheelchair had huge limitations. For this active, adventure-loving family, being restricted to pavements and smooth ground was not the life they wanted to offer their daughter Chloe.

Stephan was so impressed with the capabilities of the Ottobock Kimba Cross that he has established a Trust to help other children in a similar position enjoy the outdoors. The LadybugsTrust has purchased another Kimba Cross to loan to other families with disabled children giving them the chance to take their child to places they may not have thought they could ever visit.

“The motto of our Trust is ‘Life’s too short not to’ and we would love more children to experience the joy of different terrains and scenery with the help of a Kimba Cross”.

The Kimba Cross off-roading children’s buggy is designed to fit various sized seating units. It incorporates the Ottobock Kimba seating system, which allows for a range of seating positioning and support. The Kimba Cross wheelbase is adjustable to ensure stability over all terrains. The low centre of gravity, seat spring system, drum brake and large pneumatic tyres all offer a high level of safety in any environment.

The Kimba Cross is compatible with a wide range of specialist seating systems, making it an ideal solution for children with a wide range of disabilities and postural needs. For complex cases with specialist seating needs, bespoke seating can also be made for the Kimba Cross frame.

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