Thursday, 16 July 2015

Paralympian Helps School

Paralympic Champion Jonnie Peacock has opened a new facility to aid children with disabilities in Cambridgeshire.

The Paralympian visited Samuel Pepys School, Cambridgeshire, to help open a Lord’s Taverners ‘Sensory Room’ last Thursday .
Peacock, who was born in Cambridge, met some of the school’s children and learnt how the facility will be of benefit to many children with a range of disabilities.

Multi-sensory rooms feature a relaxing and stimulating variety of lights, sounds and textures, which help children with disabilities to learn in an environment that suits their educational needs.
They can result in dramatic benefits to children with sensory impairment, helping enhance development of senses such as hearing, sight, smell and touch. Sensory rooms also provide a distraction free area for children with autism and ADHD, helping enhance their learning experience and offering a retreat when necessary.

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