Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Don't Forget The Loo Roll

You can take the people out of Britain but you can’t take the ‘Britishness’ out of people, with holidaymakers admitting to taking their own toilet roll!

The research into holiday habits conducted by my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard, reveals that a massive 99 per cent of people say that they make sure they go on holiday at least once a year, but in spite of this passion for travel 56 per cent of UK holidaymakers take a reminder of home with them.

The research reveals France (84 per cent) and Spain (87 per cent) as the most popular holiday destinations for Britons.

Myles Stephenson, CEO of my Travel Cash, said:  “Our research also revealed that many are choosing to be thrifty when finding a holiday, with 62 per cent of people booking their flights and accommodation online, rather than via a high street travel agent.”

Top 10 home comforts:

1.     Teabags (43 per cent)

2.     Coffee (20 per cent)

3.     Biscuits (12 per cent)

4.     Toilet Roll (12 per cent)

5.     Sugar/sweetener (11 per cent)

6.     Bacon (5 per cent)

7.     Marmite (4 per cent)

8.     Baked Beans (3 per cent)

9.     Mustard (3 per cent)

10.  Ketchup (2.5 per cent)

What can’t you live without?

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