Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Golf Change For Disabled

According to figures from the latest Active People Survey over 82,000 people with a disability are participating in golf in England at least once a week  and organisations such as The R&A and The USGA have produced A Modification of the Rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities to encourage those interested to take up or continue playing the game.

Leading golf gadget manufacturer, Northcroft Golf, has launched two new products, which are ideal for golfers who have difficulties with certain movements such as bending and holding clubs steadily either due to age or a minor disability and yet who have a passion for the game. Both products are endorsed by golfing legend, Sam Torrance OBE and are specifically designed to cut out the need to bend.

John Bennett, managing director of Northcroft Golf says: "Golf is a game for everyone regardless of age, physical condition or physical challenge."

The Tee-Up has been specifically designed to cut out the need to bend and allows stable placement and removal of the tee and ball. It has a unique stabiliser function that compensates for things such as hand tremors by having a supporting spigot that rests on the ground behind the ball. It is lightweight, robust (comes with a lifetime guarantee) and stows easily in a golf bag or on its specifically designed bag attachment. Using the Tee-Up, the golfer loads the ball and tee into the jaws. It is then used to place the ball and tee onto the teeing ground. Then after playing the shot it is used to pick up the tee.
The BAMP (Ball and Marker Pick Up) has been designed to pick up and mark the ball and lift the marker - all without having to bend, whether you are upright or in a wheelchair. The BAMP fits any size putter grip and retrieves the ball by simply placing the removable rubber cup over the ball and applying downward pressure. The powerful magnetic suction also allows the ball to be picked up at an angle and the ball lifter is designed to clip on and roll off easily so it does not inhibit the putting stroke.

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