Wednesday, 4 May 2016

£££'s Wasted!

Millions in ‘leftover’ currency from holidays and trips abroad is discarded!

There could be a hidden cost of travel abroad – and it’s not what many of us would expect.  According to research from Xpress Money Services, up to £390million in unchanged foreign currencies remains tucked in jars and drawers around the country, over 12 months after returning home.
Amongst those who have travelled abroad, the average UK home contains up to five different forms of currency with the average amount per household sitting at around £47.  High exchange rates and the perceived hassle of getting out to a bank or Post Office are the most common reasons given for holding onto cash.
Wasteful airport purchases to use up cash include novelty hats and expensive luxury chocolate.

The ten most popular items for mopping up money include:
1.    Soft toys
2.    Sunglasses
3.    Perfume
4.    Luxury chocolate – costing over £50 per 100g
5.    Super sized bottles of spirit
6.    Cosmetic products – makeup and hair
7.    Handbags
8.    Top of the range earphones / headphones
9.    Novelty clothing – hats, gloves, T-shirts
10. Electronic gadgets – tablets and mobile devices

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