Tuesday, 3 May 2016

'Get-together' Tips

Gatherings of the extended family can be a daunting experience. You have everyone from great granny and granddad, distant aunts and uncles and little ones to please. Large property lettings agent, thebigdomain.com shares its top tips for a successful soiree.

Include some pre-planned activity – while a full on itinerary for the entire gathering is probably going a little overboard, there’s no better way to make sure there is some structure and that all the key reasons for getting together are covered off than with some touch-in points for specific dinners or activities. It’s also really important to make sure everyone has some downtime so that they can relax or go out and do their own thing

Make sure everyone feels involved – ensure everyone has the opportunity to be involved by asking people in advance to contribute their ideas for games and potential group outings. Not everyone will want to be involved in everything – if granny would rather have an afternoon nap than play volleyball in the pool again then she’ll probably be in a better mood for that evening’s dinner

Something for everyone – with people of all ages and interests getting together you’re never going to please everyone with a one-size-fits-all event. This doesn’t mean having to organise a special tour to indulge one person’s niche interest but a little goes a long way when taking into consideration someone’s allergies or that they have a small baby to keep in a routine, for example

Be considerate – this is a broad one but one that needs to be front of mind with any large group gathering. This is not to say that everyone should be walking on eggshells for the entire getaway, that’s no fun. Just make sure you’re not hogging all of uncle’s delicious special recipe pasta or being the person that takes forever to get ready and always keeps everyone else waiting

Be patient – there’s always that one person who manages to push our buttons or say the wrong thing. For the sake of keeping the peace and not ruining the jubilant atmosphere, take a deep breath and think positive thoughts…like beating them at pool in the games room or relaxing in the private hot tub later


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