Monday, 3 August 2015

What's Holiday?

The average Brit is only able to relax for 11 days a year!

A study of 2,000 workers found the average person ends up spending over half of their 26 days annual leave on personal chores, appointments and tasks which we just cannot get done while working.
And when factoring in travel to and from holiday destinations and other commitments, less than half of a person’s annual leave is spent fully relaxing.

The research, which was commissioned by, found over a third have taken unpaid leave because they used all their annual leave up and needed time off.
While a similar number have called in a sickie- just to get admin or chores done.

Alan Ruston, Sales Director at, which commissioned the study, said: “With working pressures and many people negotiating a quite hectic routine, it seems we’re struggling to fit everything in.”


1.    Family events e.g. Weddings, birthdays, graduations…

2.    Medical appointments

3.    Moving house

4.    Attending a funeral

5.    Waiting for a handyman to turn up to fix something: Boiler, internet, water supply

6.    To go Christmas/birthday shopping

7.    Waiting for deliveries

8.    Attending doctors or dentist appointments

9.    Looking after my children when they’re ill

10. Getting the house together

11. To catch up on DIY

12. To overcome stress

13. To look after ill children

14. For an event of child’s -sports day, parent’s evening, nativity etc.

15. To catch up on cleaning and household chores

16. Looking after sickly relatives

17. Looking after the children when they are home for the holidays

18. Packing for a holiday

19. Getting car serviced

20. Paying bills and catching up with my personal admin
How do you use your annual leave?


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