Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Scooter Crash Day

"Shinbone Sunday", potentially the busiest day of the year for mobility scooter accidents, but few are insured.

The fatal day is likely to fall in July - but fewer than 50% of the estimated 500,000 scooters in use, some costing in excess of £10,000, weighing 250 kilos or more, and capable of 8mph, are insured.

Despite 2,500 Google searches a month by consumers for mobility scooter insurance, Blue Badge Mobility - which provides mobility equipment rescue, recovery and insurance - estimates fewer than half of mobility scooters in use are insured not just for loss or damage, but against the risk of injuring pedestrians.

"'Shinbone Sunday' will drop on a sunny weekend in July: pavements will be busy because schools are starting to slow down as exams come to an end, and tourist destinations will fill up - but it could be expensive for mobility scooter users," said Iain Macauley, a spokesman for Blue Badge Mobility.

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