Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Holidaymakers Lost On The Tube

A scuba-diving fanatic and two surfing grannies startled commuters on the London Underground.

The two ‘silver surfers’ were spotted eagerly trying to find their way to a beach and a bikini-clad woman with a giant pool inflatable caused a commotion amidst the rush hour crowds. 

There were several sightings of a lone scuba-diving fanatic who was observed walking The Strand in full dive gear and a man in trunks with extreme sun-tan lines was also photographed mingling with London commuters.

 The stunt, which was staged by TeletextHolidays.co.uk, marks the start of the vacation season and aims to encourage the public to pin down their own holiday plans – at a time when 30% of Brits are still yet to book their summer holiday, according to new research by the company.

Have you booked your holiday?

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