Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Disabled Flying Help

Are you getting ready for a winter escape or thinking about booking a summer getaway? If you are disabled and worried about the flight, check out these useful organisations.


Virgin Atlantic is the first airline to purchase the TravelChair from the children’s charity MERU.

It has been specially designed to provide postural support for disabled children during air travel.  It can accommodate children between the ages of 3 – 11 years (depending on height and weight) and offers firm, postural support for a wide range of disabilities.


Parents simply advise the airline of their need to use the TravelChair when making the booking to ensure it is on board for both outbound and inbound flights – all at no extra charge.

Try b4u Fly
QEF Mobility Services allow disabled people and their families to experience the requirements of air travel in advance of booking their flights
Travellers with physical disabilities can experience different seating solutions which would suit their needs, with advice on how to use them effectively, to ensure comfort and correct support.
QEF Mobility Services 0208 770 1151 for an appointment for more information.

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