Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Top Destinationa!

Florida tourism boasts a 5% increase on UK visitors in 2015

According to preliminary estimates released by Visit Florida 105 million visitors were welcomed in 2015. This is the fifth consecutive record year for visitation to Florida, exceeding the previous high of 98.5 million in 2014 by 6.6%.

 Below are the top countries for international visitation for 2015:

Canada                        3,956,000       
United Kingdom        1,718,000     
Brazil                           1,475,000       
Argentina                     613,000
Columbia                     598,000
Germany                     452,000
Mexico                         435,000
Venezuela                    321,000
Australia                      319,000
France                         292,000

As people start to book their summer holidays, where accessible will you be going to?


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