Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Roger Barclay-Edwards, 68 from Cheltenham, is a highly successful retired businessman with limited mobility who has been able to continue developing his new holiday villas in Bali, thanks to his mobility scooter.

Roger has been a dynamic and driven individual all his life and held the position of Managing Director at the international EDS Group for over 40 years. During this period he owned EDS Engineering Limited in Essex for 30 years and was responsible for establishing the whole Chelmsford Rivermead Industrial estate, which still exists today. Following his retirement Roger began investigating his next challenge and decided to invest abroad in Bali by building a group of eco-friendly holiday villas. Now nearing completion, these three family villas and eight private bungalows all provide high quality, shoreline accommodation that includes a private pool and are totally solar powered. However Roger’s mobility became suddenly restricted in 2013 and his ability to continue with this project looked in doubt until he discovered the remarkable, folding TGA Buddy scooter.

Rogers explains: “I suddenly became unable to walk in 2013 for more than 30-40 feet without extreme pain. My Orthopaedic specialist told me that he had been expecting this for a long time. It’s great to know that despite my condition, we can travel to our Ubud home on Bali with peace of mind.”

Outside of his business ventures, Roger enjoys spending time with his four children, eight grandchildren and fulfilling a passion for model railways. His Buddy scooter is manufactured by TGA Mobility, which is based in Sudbury Suffolk, close to Halstead where Roger was originally born. TGA have been a leading mobility scooter specialist in the UK for nearly 30 years.  The 3-wheel Buddy from TGA is one of the most portable scooters on the market and can be separated into constituent parts or folded flat for storage in a car or on public transport.

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